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How To Make A Family Tree Quilt Pattern

Quilting By Hand Or Through Quilting Kits

There are many different and wonderful designs that can be used to make a family tree quilt pattern, and there are also many people who specialize in developing quilt patterns that can be used to make family tree quilts. The size of the quilt can be from 32” x 39” to larger or smaller depending on the individual tastes and needs. There is sure to be a date on either side of the tree which may indicate the present up to the past and pictures of people on either side would correspond to the dates shown on that particular side.

A family tree quilt pattern can depict the family in various hues of colors and shades and, if flowers are shown on the quilt, each different color can correspond to a person’s individual favorite color to add some more variety to the family tree quilt pattern. Furthermore, the size of the quilt and the size of the tree are interlinked and relate to the size of the family and so larger quilts may depict big families while smaller quilts may be used in the case of small families.

There are different fabrics that can be used to create more aesthetic family tree quilt patterns and these may range from half yard tones on tone background, full yard tones on tone tree trunk, six inches squares tone on tone (each flower having its own tone), two-and-a-half yards tone on tone in the case of leaves and fat quarter, for dates. Finding different quilt patterns should not pose much of a problem given the fact that there are numerous designers who allow people to download these quilt patterns from their websites, once they have become members.

There are large resource communities that have wide and varied collections of quilt patterns and for beginners, there are free quilt making courses. There is a long tradition of making family tree quilt patterns, which will help to create family heirlooms that will last for many generations to come. To display the family tree in a proud and exquisite manner one should carefully design their family tree quilt pattern to take into account the need of highlighting the family members’ past history.

While deciding on how best to create the family tree quilt pattern, one needs to distinguish from among the many different types of quilts that can be used to make up the family tree. There are the splendid and popular Afghan throw blankets which are popular and not very expensive (costing around 40 dollars), tapestry throw blankets at around 50 dollars and a number of fabrics that can be used to make the family tree quilts. Besides quilting by hand or from designs there are also quilting kits that can be used by beginners to make their own family quilts.

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